AInspector WCAG is a web accessibility evaluation tool that applies the rules from a selected ruleset to the live DOM of the page currently loaded in the browser. You install it as a Firefox Add-on available from the Mozilla Add-ons website.

Once installed, AInspector Sidebar can be selectively loaded into the sidebar panel of any Firefox browser tab, and once loaded, it automatically displays evaluation results whenever a new page is visited in that tab.

Evaluation results are organized by Rule Categories or WCAG GuidelinesRules within a category or guideline, and Elements that pertain to a particular rule result. Links are provided at the element level for launching the Firefox DOM Inspector.


Release Notes


30 October 2018 

Fixed bug with view menu not opening

  • Fixed bug with summary panel tabs not changing the default evaluation view
  • Updated view menu styling


23 October 2018 

  • Updated the list of contributors


23 October 2018 

  • Fixed documentation bugs in keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved sidebar resizing so content does not overlap
  • Fixed problem of rendering HTML code for rule summary in the rule results view
  • Sidebar Toolbar button now toggles sidebar open and close (Just opened before)
  • When sidebar closed any element highlighting is removed from the page


22 October 2018 

  • Fixed documentation on keyboard shortcuts



22 October 2018 

  • Fixed bug with HTML code being rendered in the rule summary in the rule result panel
  • Added vertical resizing, by repositioning the evaluation button based on the height of the sidebar



18 October 2018 

  • Updated shortcut key to use U instead of I for compatibility with AInspector Sidebar



18 October 2018 

  • Fixed bug of using onload property, instead of using addEventListener



16 October 2018 

  • Fixed typo in preferences



16 October 2018 

Fixed typos in preferences

  • Add context menu and updated icons



12 October 2018 

  • Updated icons
  • Added content menu option
  • Fixed same naming issue in menus



11 October 2018

  • Fixed bug with delay for evaluation feature
  • Fixed bug with filtering results



11 October 2018

  • Fixed bug in not rendering HTML code for the rule action and documentation views



11 October 2018

  • Added a toolbar icon to open the AInsepector WCAG sidebar
  • Improved screen reader compatibility in the data girds for listing evaluation results
  • Changed shortcut keys to use ALT+Shift+I in Windows and Linux; and Command+Shift+i for Mac OSX


8 October 2018

  • Changed the minimum default browser required to version 60


8 October 2018

  • Added UID to extension